Bill introduction for change

Advocating for Truth and Accountability: Introducing a Bill to Limit False Statements.

Rossemarie Castro Rosales is not only dedicated to her professional pursuits but is also deeply committed to promoting truth, accountability, and fairness within the realm of law enforcement and media. As part of her efforts, she aims to introduce a bill proposal the "Fair Reporting and Justice Act" aimed at limiting false statements made by law enforcement agencies such as the Edmonton police and news media, such a CTV and Global news ensuring that accuracy and integrity prevail in the dissemination of public information.

Recognizing the Impact of False Statements

False statements made by police or misrepresented by news media can have far-reaching life long consequences for the person being spoken about. They can taint reputations, manipulate public opinion, and compromise the principles of justice and fairness. Rossemarie firmly believes that it is crucial to hold both law enforcement agencies and media outlets accountable for their statements and to enact legislative level measures; that will prevent and protect the dissemination of inaccurate, presumptuous, and or misleading information about accused persons in Canada.

Aiming for Transparency and Accountability

Through her proposed legislative bill, it seeks to establish clear guidelines and a set of regulations that will prevent the spread of false information by law enforcement agencies and news media. We can ensure that media outlets prioritize accuracy and responsible fair reporting. This bill aims to discourage the sensationalism of stories to sell news, and encourage accountability within both sectors.

Advocacy for Balanced Reporting

Rossemarie recognizes the vital role of media in informing the public and shaping public opinion. However, she also emphasizes the importance of fair and balanced reporting, free from sensationalism, and baseless accusations. Her proposed legislative bill being drafted to the House of Commons; strives to encourage responsible journalism that upholds the principles of accuracy, fairness, privacy rights, and respect for the truth.

Joining Forces for Change

Rossemarie Castro Rosales invites individuals, organizations, and fellow advocates who share her vision for truth and accountability to join forces in supporting the introduction of this bill. By working together, they can ensure that law enforcement agencies and media outlets are held to a higher standard of integrity, fostering an environment where accurate information is prioritized, and the principles of justice are upheld.

Get Involved

If you are passionate about promoting truth, accountability, and responsible reporting, Rossemarie encourages you to get involved in this advocacy effort. By supporting the introduction of the proposed bill, together, we can strive for a society where accurate information prevails and the damaging impact of false statements is minimized.

By promoting a higher standard of reporting, this legislative initiative aims to protect the rights and reputations of individuals accused within the Canadian criminal justice system. As Rossemarie spearheads this crucial effort, she encourages individuals, organizations, and fellow advocates to join forces in supporting the introduction of the Bill. Together, they can create meaningful change, fairness, and respect for the truth in law enforcement and media reporting. Stay tuned for updates on this groundbreaking initiative as Rossemarie Castro Rosales works tirelessly to advocate for a more accountable and responsible approach to reporting in the Canadian criminal justice system. Together, we can shape a future where accurate information and fairness are at the forefront of the public discourse.

Contact Rossemarie Castro through the provided contact form on this website to learn more about how you can contribute to this important cause!

Let us stand united against the spread of misinformation and work together to uphold truth, fairness, and the presumption of one’s innocence. This is a testament to your integrity and respect for justice. Thank you for your understanding and steadfast support.

With gratitude,

Rossemarie Castro Rosales Milne