About Rossemarie Castro Rosales

Welcome to the About Me page featuring the dynamic and talented Rossemarie Castro Rosales! She/her has carved an extraordinary path in her field, leaving an indelible mark along the way.

Rossemarie's career journey has been nothing short of remarkable. With over 8+ years of experience in Esthetics, along with a background as a skilled practitioner of massage therapy for 5+ years, and a homeopath for 2+ years, she brings a wealth of expertise and accomplishments to her craft. Her dedication to delivering exceptional results and her commitment to excellence have earned her public recognition and acclaim throughout her professional journey. In fact, Rossemarie's exceptional skills and achievements have even caught the attention of esteemed awards such as “Women of distinction” in 2014 sponsored by Volvo Canada, and business women's magazines, where she has been featured several times as a top-notch aesthetician, talent management agency owner, clinical esthetician, and a visionary owner of a successful cosmetics company.

While Rossemarie is a powerhouse in her professional life, she also wears another essential hat—that of a dedicated home maker. With a focus on raising her family and ensuring their well-being, she embraces the challenges and joys of nurturing her loved ones. Despite the hurdles she has faced, Rossemarie's commitment to maintaining her clean criminal record continues. As she continues to embrace her role as a home maker, she cherishes the opportunity to create a warm and loving environment for her family. Drawing on her expertise, she infuses her daily life with her boundless energy and commitment to personal growth. Rossemarie's dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to integrity exemplify her zest for life and her drive to make a positive impact out of the worst of circumstances.

Acknowledging False Allegations

We understand the significance of addressing any misconceptions or false information that may exist regarding the allegations made against Rossemarie. It is of the utmost importance to provide accurate representation and avoid any public misinterpretation that may harm (and which has already harmed) her reputation and/or cause unnecessary speculation.

On October 4, 2022, the Edmonton City Police made public statements to the news media that have caused significant confusion and misinformation regarding Rosse Maries case. It is crucial to address these presumptuous statements and provide further clarity. We want to make it explicitly clear that none of the formal charges levied onto Rosse Marie by the Edmonton city Police service at anytime were of a sexual nature nor were they for pretending to be a regulated allopathic doctor at anytime. It has come to our attention that defamatory allegations have been made by the Edmonton Police to the public against Rossemarie. These are false statements that were allegedly originated from a member of the Edmonton Police Service, namely the accused murderer himself; Alexander Doduk (Read all about EPS CST Alex Doduk and the murder he is alleged to have committed in Edmonton, AB Canada against a man named Steven Nguyen: https://globalnews.ca/tag/const-alex-doduk/). #Justiceforstevennguyen #justiceforrossemariecastro. It remains an active ASIRT investigation and a lawsuit is currently pending against Alexander Doduk and The Edmonton City police (EPS).

Personal Life and Resilience

Beyond her professional achievements, Rossemarie is also proud to fulfill the roles of a Straight, Christian faith based, Married now homemaker to a toddler. The impact of these false allegations extends beyond her career, affecting her personal life, marriage, and the well-being of her loved ones. Nonetheless, Rossemarie's resilience and determination remain strong as she upholds her principles and seeks to protects her family.

A Future Focused on Excellence

Despite the harmful effects of everything, Rossemarie continues to forge ahead on her professional journey, and remains dedicated to securing herself a professional career alongside the pursuit of excellence as a testament to her actual good character and high moral values.

Gratitude and Support

Rossemarie is immensely grateful for the support she has received from her network of loved ones, friends, and colleagues. Their belief in her character and integrity has been a source of strength throughout these challenging times.

Get in Touch

Thank you for taking the time to explore this website and social cause for the introduction of a Bill to limit false statements made by Police and News media. For inquiries, collaborations, or opportunities, please feel free to reach out through the provided contact from on our website.


The Team Supporting Rossemarie Castro Rosales (Bell Media: “Marie Milne”, also erroneously named “Dr. Milne” by various news report agencies in Edmonton, AB, and Canadian media Oct 2022).